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  Aurion acts as single window professional service provider for investors worldwide, to incorporate their new / branch / subsidiary companies in ....   We offer Public Relation services (PRO),with respect to various UAE freezones / immigration / ministries / government departments there by saving time and money...   Aurion is working in tandem with corporate SME division of several Banks in UAE to provide a wide range of assistance to Freezone companies....   We offer world class ISO certification consulting services in United Arab Emirates (UAE) which guarentees ISO certifications from various recognised certificate bodies..  
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UAE Freezones


Dubai Airport Free Zone


Dubai Airport Freezone (DAFZA)

Dubai Airport Freezone is renowned as top freezone in the region with ultra-modern five star infrastructure. Dubai Airport Freezone (DAFZA) is the flagship of Dubai.

International investors can enjoy dynamic growth through DAFZA's excellent incentive packages including 100% foreign ownership, 100% tax exemption and no currency restrictions.

Dubai Airport Freezone (DAFZ) has positioned itself as a gateway connecting the markets in the Middle East and Africa with Europe and rest of Asia. Dubai Airport Free Zone provides office space and warehouses for foreign companies at 100% ownership in a zero-tax environment.

Dubai Airport Freezone offers an excellent opportunity to businesses to establish their presence in Dubai within an expedited process that allows them to start operations within days.

Dubai Airport Freezone Location

Like Oasis in desert, UAE is having several Freezones where expatriates can setup their 100% owned companies. Dubai Airport Freezone is a prestigious initiative by Dubai Government and the top ranked freezone among all UAE Freezones. Established in 1996, Airport Freezone is located in the heart of Dubai, near Terminal 2 of Dubai Inyernational Airport. In order to attract high net worth investors, the Freezone is equipped with 5 star infrastructure and latest technology.

Service offered at DAFZA

  • Licencing and registration
  • Employment residence sponsored by the freezone
  • Online transactions processing for all services
  • Security Service (24 hours)
  • Housekeepingand building maintenance
  • Government services: Immigration, Customs, Chamber of Commerce, Emirates ID, Post, Telecommunications and Banking facilities
  • Food Court
  • Business centre with high-tech amenities
  • Travel agent and car rental
  • Turnkey solutions
  • Digital printing services
  • DAFZA medical fitness centre
  • Shuttle services from Dubai Aiport Freezone Metro station
Incentives for investors at Dubai Airport Freezone include:
  • Dubai Airport Freezone's location within the boundaries of Dubai International Airport
  • Investors enjoy the facilities provided by the Dubai Cargo Village and the FLC Air Cargo Terminal
  • Investor-oriented management
  • Environmentally-friendly activities and procedures are actively encouraged
  • On-site customs inspection
  • Companies at Dubai Airport Freezone can operate 24 hours a day
  • Easy accessibility to Dubai Airport Freezone building and offices within
  • Abundant and inexpensive energy · Easy availability of inexpensive workforce

Company Types - Dubai Airport Freezone

 Type  Description
FZCO (Freezone Company)
FZCO is formed with a minimum of one shareholder and a maximum of 50, either individual or non-individual (a company).
A branch office of an existing company, where a foreign company can set up a branch of its existing company in the freezone.

Dubai Airport Freezone Company Registration Fee

1. Business Enabled Office (BEO)

This package includes all necessary facilities and services required for a business.

Incentives included with Business Enabled Office

  • Approximate area: 25 sqm
  • 2 employment Visas
  • Standard fitted office with: Flooring, Lighting, Air-conditioning, Office signage, Electricity, Telephone, Fax & Internet, Telephone Equipment - 2 sets, 2 desks, 2 executive chairs, 2 visitors chairs, cabinet etc
  • Housekeeping services
  • License & Registration: PO Box, Company Formation, License Issuance

Business Enabled Office Cost

Lease Term
One Year
AED 84,000
Two Year
AED 78,000
Three Year
AED 72,000

2. Bronze Office Package

Approximate area: 47 - 49.99 sqm (6 Visas)

Bronze Office Package Cost

Lease Term
One Year
AED 11,750
AED 141,000
Three Year
AED 11,250
AED 135,000
* Package includes fee for: 1) License 2) Furnished office with cabins, conference room, work stations, furniture, window blinds, carpet 3) Visas 4) Parking

3. Silver Office Package (6 Visas)

Approximate area: 50–54.99 sqm

Silver Office Package Cost

Lease Term
One Year
AED 12,750
AED 153,000
Three Year
AED 12,167
AED 146,000
* Package includes fee for: 1) License 2) Furnished office with cabins, conference room, work stations, furniture, window blinds, carpet 3) Visas 4) Parking

4. Gold Office Package (6 Visas)

Approximate area: 55–58.99 sqm

Gold Office Package Cost

Lease Term
One Year
AED 13,500
AED 162,000
Three Year
AED 12,917
AED 155,000
* Package includes fee for: 1) License 2) Furnished office with cabins, conference room, work stations, furniture, window blinds, carpet 3) Visas 4) Parking

5. Platinum Office Package (7 Visas)

Approximate area: 59–62 sqm

Platinum Office Package Cost

Lease Term
One Year
AED 14,500
AED 174,000
Three Year
AED 13,834
AED 166,000
* Package includes fee for: 1) License 2) Furnished office with cabins, conference room, work stations, furniture, window blinds, carpet 3) Visas 4) Parking

Monthly Payment is possible by way of post dated cheques. This package includes trade license, furnished offices, cost of visas and parking.

6. General Trading License

Approximate area: 100 sqm (3 year lease agreement)



Annual Rent [AED 1,850.00 / sq.m {Three Year Lease}]

AED 185,000.00  

Service Charge 12.5%

AED 23,125.00

General Trading License

AED 40,020.00

Registration fees

AED 20,000.00

Parking fee per annum

AED 920.00

Postal Services “P.O. Box“
(Renewed as per Calendar Year)

AED 1,050.00

Attestation of Board Resolution

AED 1,520.00

Establishment Card

AED 2,400.00

MOA – Memorandum of Association

AED 3,000.00

TOTAL Net Payable

AED 277,035 /
USD 75,900


Employment Visa Entitlement

Office less than 40 sq.m 1 employee visa for every 12.5 sq.m space
Office 40 sq.m and above 1 employee visa for every 8.33 sq.m space
LIU (Light Industrial Units - Warehouses) 20 Visas

Visa entitlement depends on the facility leased. To increase the number of visas client needs to increase the size of office.

Visa Fee

Total Fee
New employee outside of UAE (Including: Residency Stamping, Medical & ID Card) AED 3,510
New employee inside UAE (Including: Entry Permit, Residency Stamping, Medical, ID Card & Issue visa without leaving UAE) AED 5,010

*Bank Guarantees are required for each employee equal to 45 days salary + one-way airline ticket charge to his/her home country.

DAFZA Industrial Park

DAFZA Industrial Park - the new industrial freezone from DAFZA. Which is located strategically in close proximity to DAFZA's existing facilities near Dubai International Airport, its innovative warehousing model gives the flexibility to expand. DAFZA Industrial Park is backed by the established and recognised DAFZA brand of world-class infrastructure, seamless setting-up and premium experience.

Features of DAFZA Industrial Park
State-of-the-art industrial units
Ultra-fast operational efficiency
Flexible, modern units from 312 m2with up to 50% of floor area for mezzanine
Innovative multi-client warehousing model
Power availability to suite any business size
DAFZA's world class expertise and zero operational hassles
Ideal as logistics, warehousing and distribution facilities for Cold Storagr, Electronics, Fashion & luxury Goods

PRO Service in Dubai Airport Freezone

With a branch office operating at Dubai Airport Freezone, Aurion renders its expertise in assisting clients for all documentations and visa process in Dubai freezone. It takes up assignments for filing and processing of new visa for company owners, family or employees. It takes care the renewal of company license, arrangement of audit reports, renewal of visas and all related matters.

AURION is a REGISTERED AGENT of Dubai Airport Freezone and has expertise in opening a NEW Company / Branch of foreign company / Subsidiary of foreign Company complying with all legal documentation.

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